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Dear Betty,

Thank you SEW much for your expertise and guidance regarding my most recent photo quilts. I have made quilts with other products in the past, but this quilt, using your fabric and spray, is by far my best. I love how my images printed out using the cotton sateen on a roll from you. Having the photos set with your spray gives me confidence the images will last a long time into the future when the quilt is washed.

You are a God-send. Bless you, Debbie

Hi Betty,
I just had to reorder the finishing spray. I can’t believe I have gone through a whole bottle myself! I won’t buy any other product than yours! I made a quilt for my grandson of the plays he has been in. Of course, there have been more, so I made a pillow of the Lion King play in which he played young Simba (his biggest part so far).

I also have branched out to make picture purses, small bags and now trying photo Christmas ornaments of loved ones who have passed away. I LOVE the finishing spray. Not only does it make it washable, you can iron on it and it is just like ironing on material….which it is! I am SO happy I found your booth at the Sacramento Quilt Show before you stopped traveling to far away shows.

Louise Myers, Pine Grove, CA.

Hi Betty,

I received the picture late yesterday and I absolutely love it! It is perfect and I am excited to get started on my quilt. I will for sure send you a picture when it is all done. I hope you received my check ok. If not please let me know. Take care, Linda

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Hi Betty!!!
I was just thinking about you a bit ago. Someone on line asked for recommendations for photo printing. I gave you name and phone number! Hope I get you some business. I sent you some pictures of the completed quilt before I gave it and gave you my permission to use them on your website. Attached is a picture of my Father in Law, with his quilt on the day I gifted it to him. I think he was a bit overwhelmed with the surprise party, all the people who came to see him from many many miles away and the quilt.
He adores it and it lays on the top of his bed. He sent me the nicest thank you note. Of course I told him what a lovely person you were for making all the photos for me and your name is part of the quilt label since we completed this project together. I hope this email finds you well. I think of you often. Best regards my dear friend!! Robyn

Betty, Thank you so much! What a difference your fabric made . My mother is going to be over joyed to see this quilt. Sandi

The cheetah was 4 8x10 panels … I had wanted to use Brad and Max (the rhino) for the large panel, but this one printed and I didn’t want to waste the fabric so I used it instead.

The lettering was done with my embroidery machine. I used the computer to program what I wanted to say and then embroidered it onto the finished quilt top. It was originally just to fill in blank spaces of black but it took on its own mission as I got going.

 Then I asked my son for his 4-5 favorite memories of Africa and those were added with a few appliqué photos of things I thought he would enjoy having included based on his favorite memories. I think that using the multi-media (embroidery and appliqué) as well as the photos makes it more interesting.

I’m glad you like my first effort at this … it’s been a wonderful learning experience


Uncle Eddie's Photo Quilt
Good morning Betty, i just got back from Nova Scotia and wanted to send you a few photos.  The whole family loved the photo quilt and were so surprised.  
Thank you for all your help.  Lisette

Betty, I wanted to share with you pictures of the finished wallhanging. Everyone has been very complimentary and curious about how the photos were done. Thank you again for helping to make the project a success. Carrie


Jenn's Quilt/Chuppah

Dearest darling Betty,
I thank you with all my heart for rising to this difficult task! I'm sure everything looks good and I hope it is satisfying to know that you have made a MAJOR contribution to an object that will be cherished for all our life together. THANK YOU!

The photos that were printed on fabric for this Chuppah are some of the bride's most cherished memories. This chuppah will be hung in the bride and groom's home.