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I made this quilt for my son about 2 years ago. I've only made 2 quilts before, and not of this size! I had different pictures on it, that I had made locally. Needless to say, the first washing took all the color out of the pictures. I was devastated!

Through my local quilt shop, they gave me Betty Nicassio's name and number, of Betty's Fab Photos. I called her - what a delightful person!! She worked with me to get the right size and orientation of the photos I wanted. It didn't take long at all for her to get them to me!

I finished the quilt just before my son came home to visit. The look on his face was priceless! He was so happy that I was able to "fix" it! "Mom! It's beautiful!!" Thanks to Betty, I was able to repair the quilt that I had made for my son with loving hands!!

And Betty? She is wonderful! And has become part of my extended family!!  Thank you Betty!!

This is a quilt I printed the photos and the preschool auctioned it and got 2 winners. Highest bid allowed was $4,000.00 and they had 2 winners.

The funds went for the items needed in the classroom for the children so such a good cause on top of how lovely the quilts.

Betty is an infatigable partner to us quilters! Her patience, expertise and warm generosity working with me helped produce this! Everyone agrees - Betty is the best!

I received the pictures today! I love how they turned out, thank you so much Betty! I think my friend is going to love this quilt when I'm finished. Thanks again, Mary

Hi Betty,
Remember me? You printed some hiking/wilderness pictures onto fabric for me back in April. I didn’t want to send pictures of how I used them earlier for fear that my husband would see them. Well, today is his birthday and I have just given the quilt to him. I am including the pictures.
Hope you get them.  Thank you again for your excellent service.  Sue





Hi Betty,

I was just thinking of you and how wonderful you have been getting fabric to me quickly when I needed it.

Your product is the only print on fabric I use in my quilts. I was making an Free Standing Christmas ornament for my niece and had a brain storm about using her picture in it. So I have attached a photo of the ornament.

I also attached a picture of the quilt I made for uncle's 95th birthday. You may use both photos at your web site.

Merry Christmas, Gloria


Hi Betty,
Remember me? I had you print my pictures on fabric of my son’s theatrical career. I did get it done for Christmas too. He was totally surprised and loved it!
 I am sending you a picture of my husband's finished Memory Quilt. It turned out so beautifully with all of the pictures.


Hi Betty,

I wanted to be sure to send you a picture of the quilt. Everybody loves it. I have gotten several comments on the quality og the photo printing. Honestly, I have never done photos on fabric before and did not know what to expect. What a pleasant surprise. Your work really made the quilt as nice as it is. And I mean that!

Also, I don't think I told you this part. When I learned my mom went into ER, I did a bunch of sewing before I left for Minnesota and brought the quilt top with me unfinished and completed it at my sister's house. I really was not in the mood to take on the assembly and quilting, as I have never done it before. I had been thinking I could figure it out, but was not up to the adventure under the circumstances. Then my sister and I had an idea.... she contacted a quilter from her church and asked if there was anyone she knew we could pay to get it finished. And she did! The quilter did a beautiful job. Much better than I could have ever done myself first time out! And she had the right kind of fancy machine. Those ladies were a godsend!!

My mom has been in a rehab center for a couple of weeks already. Growing a bit stronger every day, so there is good news here. The quilt is hung up on the wall in her room. It gives her something fun to talk about with visitors. And she keeps asking questions about the different squares. You will see that not all the aquares are photos, but some of them are.

Big hugs and many thanks,



Dearest darling Betty,
I thank you with all my heart for rising to this difficult task! I'm sure everything looks good and I hope it is satisfying to know that you have made a MAJOR contribution to an object that will be cherished for all our life together. THANK YOU!


The centers on some of the photos are fabrics the bride cherished memories, like her mom's wedding dressand photos are center one (a category of pics are there). This is a chuppah and will be hung in the bride and groom's home for their lives together cherished piece.
I absolutely love love love the photo fabric I get from Betty Nicassio. I have made about 17 lap photo quilts using her product.

One time I ran out of her paper at a crucial point in my quilt. I ran down to Joanne's and bought their brand, which is the same brand everyone else sells, and it was a disaster. It stuck in my printer. I ended up with only one good photo from the package of 25 and a refund. Betty's fabric has never once got caught in my printer.

Betty's fabric is completely washable. I made a quilt for my mom and have washed it many times. It is still perfect! I purchase the 7 x 9.5 (100 sheet) package size as I can get two photos on each page doubling my prints to 200! It is a great value! You will not find a better deal anywhere! Her products are very high quality.

I am so glad I met Betty at the quilt show. I highly recommend her photo paper. Plus, she is a very nice lady too! Kathy Warlick
Betty went above and beyond to make sure that my vision of my ornament gift came out just as imagined. She was incredibly friendly and communicated throughout the whole process to make sure that I was happy with each step. The work was nothing short of impressive and was exactly what I had asked for. She has earned a permanent and very thankful customer.

Betty printed yardage for the mom of the bride, so she could create this beautiful shirt for her retired military husband to wear at their daughter's wedding.

The front of the shirt was kept in the white fabric so when the dad wore the jacket,  no-one could guess that the sleeves and back of the shirt were printed with 20 photos of the bride with her dad, from when she was born through her childhood up until her wedding day.

Once the wedding ceremony was over, dad removed his jacket and surprised the Bride and wedding guests with this beautiful work-of art!

Printed on Cotton Sateen


Hi Betty,

I received the picture late yesterday and I absolutely love it! It is perfect and I am excited to get started on my quilt. I will for sure send you a picture when it is all done. I hope you received my check ok. If not please let me know. Take care, Linda

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Hi Betty!!!
I was just thinking about you a bit ago. Someone on line asked for recommendations for photo printing. I gave you name and phone number! Hope I get you some business. I sent you some pictures of the completed quilt before I gave it and gave you my permission to use them on your website. Attached is a picture of my Father in Law, with his quilt on the day I gifted it to him. I think he was a bit overwhelmed with the surprise party, all the people who came to see him from many many miles away and the quilt.
He adores it and it lays on the top of his bed. He sent me the nicest thank you note. Of course I told him what a lovely person you were for making all the photos for me and your name is part of the quilt label since we completed this project together. I hope this email finds you well. I think of you often. Best regards my dear friend!! Robyn