Custom Printing


When photos are sent to me, I can only do my best according to the quality of the print that is sent to me. I always do my best and if the customer is not happy with the quality of the prints, I might have to return the payment I received for the poor print.

If I am sent a replacement picture I will have to charge for the new picture print. I stand good for my satisfaction guaranteed. But I can only work with what is sent to me. If the problem is a poor picture for me to print, I always work very hard to make every single  print the best quality possible.

The redos will only be at no charge if I made an error or missed something .

Washing Your Photo Print

I short, use Woolite, cold water and NO Fabric Softener and/or Dryers Sheets.

Although this message was a first for me, it turned out to be very serious. My inks are pigment and have been living up to the claim that they should last up to 200 years. Although my prints have not even shown fading, I also have tested many soaps and even washed some by hand and others in the washing machine with hot water, with batches of towels and much more.

Recently I printed for a customer, and her print was gorgeous and I did have my spray on that piece as well. However I received an email with the picture of that piece. It was done less than 2 months ago and I was shocked.

Never is all the years of my working with my printers has a customer ever contacted me with this kind of result. The only thing I know will strip colors is bleach. I asked the customer waht she used to was the quilt with. This is what she sent me:

I used Arm & Hammer in cold water on gentle cycle and dried on low heat. I washed after quilt complete and used color grabber sheets to catch anything that might have run. I just hope it doesn't lose any more color.

Thanks for being so concerned.

I looked up the Arm and Hammer and there is BLEACH in that product. Then I went to the “COLOR GRABBER SHEETS”. If these products are intended to grab and remove colors, I suggest we do not do that to our precious prints. If any product labels say brighten or if you cannot pronounce the ingredients, I suspect BLEACH is present.

I have always suggested WOOLITE FOR DARKS and I do NOT recommend plain Woolite . If you have products that are pure and safe, I would do a serious testing to be sure that you are not damaging your wonderful one-of-a-kind work of art, because there is usually only one item like it and it is usually not going to be able to be replaced!

Also, please do not ever use fabric softener and/or dryers sheets!

Most of the quilts and pieces that are made with pictures are treasures and meant to be handed down to ancestors or treasured friends.

I hope this will help you and I do suggest putting a laundry label in back of your precious pieces, so those that get one of those valuable pieces, they will know how to protect  and care for it.

If you have a notebook with samples and important information from me or experiments that you have worked out for certain projects, I suggest you put this information in that notebook. and if
you print several labels with washing instructions to be put onto the backs of your projects, you can keep them in a zip lock baggie ready to Include in every piece.

Hugs to all and I hope you find this information helpful.

Happy printing!