All about Betty's Photos on Fabric. . .

Things are always very important to me regarding my customers as well as my products. You will find that I am very interested in offering the very best possible products available, as well as all the creative sizes you need for your special projects whenever I possibly can. I listen to you when you tell me about your projects and how you have to work with what you buy to use for those special projects.

When I decided to add a new size I chose 4" x 6" sheets and I packaged them with 25 sheets per package. Wow! These new cuts have been a huge hit with my customers. In fact, I then added 5.5" x 7.5" so when sewed into the projects the pictures would be 5" x 7", and included in the new sizes 8.5" x 8.5" and 12" x 12". I am thrilled at how much the customers love these cuts and how helpful they are for them when working with their projects. In fact, these sizes have been so wonderfully accepted by, not only my customers, but by the copycat companies that are now adding my new sizes to their line! The greatest compliment is, when someone wants to copy you!

That is only the beginning of how innovative and progressive my products will be. The thrust of my business is to serve my brilliant and artistic users! My attitude towards serving my customers is gracious and progressive, and it is because of this that my products offer special pallets for my creative customers to express the feelings desired for each project. In fact, so many customers that have tried the cotton fabrics I offer, coupled with the shortcomings they've had with competitors products, it is love at first try. When they print their very first photo onto my superior line, made to my specifics, everyone immediately sees the difference in the outcome of their projects. Their prints turn out gorgeous, and many are calling to let me know how thrilled they are to finally get a product that is so outstanding. This is very satisfying and fulfilling that so many artists are trusting my products to get the very best results for their special projects.

My line now includes Silks, Chiffon, Georgette, Dupioni (both Smooth & Nubbie), Charmeuse, Silk Twill, Silk Broadcloth, Crepe De Chine, Silk Habotai, Bamboo Twill and Bamboo smooth, Linen, Cotton and Canvas. My special customers can now stay in touch by signing up for my newsletters that will announce and offer even more options to beautifully express your projects your way. In fact, at times I have sampler packages, however, it does take extra time to prepare them so I am not always able to offer the samplers. Look for random limited items specials at our shows that will not be available otherwise.

***There is one serious question that comes up all the time: "Are the products I have washable"? I have had a method I told everyone to do as a kind of a fixative in the past, however, every single printer has it's own ink and they do vary in stability, etc. Well, recently, after much testing, I have a very special spray that I have with my personal label that is very wonderful and more superior to anything I've used or offered in the past. This spray is a fixative and protection sealing spray for use on Inkjet prints. The project can even be completed and you still can spray this protection onto your prints. Never before has that been possible, for if the little rinse was not done before assembling with previous methods, too bad and your work was not protected. You will love this product and most certainly will trust it to protect your beautiful works of art.

Not only do I have the fabrics for you to print your projects on, but I test test test everything I offer to you! For those times when you cannot put an item into your printers, I now have transfer papers. These are lovely products and have taken much abuse in my testing and they are holding up beautifully. There are 3 different types and they each have a different application.

Last but not least, I have a few items that are unique and offer special applications. Some of these items include Glow in the Dark Paper, Milar silver sheets for special effects, stained glass sheets that are clear and can be peeled to use as a window-type stained glass, then, when removed, there is no residue left on whatever they are stuck to. Very fun indeed!

The best and most precious offering I provide is awesome tech support and my guarantee that everything is satisfaction guaranteed. That includes my products, as well as my print service when I print your pictures for you. Also, I print something almost every single day and I have done many types of projects. So if you call me and answer a few questions, I promise you I have most likely experienced everything you are talking about. My "can do" attitude, in which almost nothing is impossible, will get you and your project back on track. I love helping you. I know how easy my products are to use, and I also realize that usually after answering a couple of questions, you'll be able to proceed with your project. I want you to love and experience the same satisfaction and joy that I get when I do my printing.

You will also find all of my products to be the most outstanding that you will find anywhere. Many of you have noticed that some copycat companies are noting and copying what I am doing. The thing they cannot copy is my exceptionally helpful customer service and my value pricing. My prices can't be beat when I offer you buy 3 get the 4th package free - and you can mix and match from any printing products that I have available. That is really special to my customers and gives them the remarkable benefit to try several of my creative offerings. I look forward to seeing you at my upcoming shows! Please stop and see me at my booth so you can feel the most delicate, light weight and see-through Chiffon and Georgette, as well as the extended line of other lovelies. Touching tells so much. You'll love them as much as I do!

That really tells the story about my products. You will see that even after printing onto these beauties and spraying them too ----- you cannot feel the ink in even feel the ink in even the most delicate sheers. I have worked with so many processes, printers, inks and products for a good 35 years therefore my experiences and knowledge enable me to offer good help over the phone.

Check our website often for new and interesting information and product updates. Happy Printing!

Betty Nicassio